Olympic Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

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I attended my first Midget race at Olympic in 1955.  The drivers I remember are Bill Chennault, Buzz Barton, Carl Williams, Willie Hunziker, John Yonke, Howard House, Junior Hower, Jerry Weld, Eddie McVay, Bob Heilman, Joe Walter, Ralph Parkinson Sr., Jack Hardsaw, Iron Head Cox, Loyd Ruby, Eddie Russo, Jimmy McVay, Roger Lane, Jud Larson, Ray Knepper, Bill Burdick, Arnie, Knepper.  I was too late to see the great Vito Calia race, but I do remember one night when Bill Chennault was late to the race track and Vito ran hot laps and qualified and if memory serves me correctly, he didn't wear a helmet.  Later when I became friends with Jimmy Sams my appreciation of what I had witnessed at this great little race track was enhanced by his stories about the drivers and the racing action that unfolded here over many years.  Talk to any midwestern race fan from this era and Olympic Stadium will be mentioned.-Bob Owings.

Thanks to Constance Calia for this photograph, courtesy of the Bill Hill collection.